I Believe In Second Chances

March 9, 2009
By Holli Monroe BRONZE, Mablebale, Arkansas
Holli Monroe BRONZE, Mablebale, Arkansas
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I inhaled deeply and fought through the tears to tell my mom that I broke up with him. There was a pause on the other end of the phone, and for a split second I thought that I accidentally called him again.

'Well, where are you?' She finally said.

The knot in my throat tightened and my eyes stung. They were flooding, and I could barely make out the lines on the road. My windshield had become a stained-glass window. 'I' I'm driving away from his house. I'm on Shobe Road, but I' I think I messed up. Did I do the right thing, mom?!'

She sighed and I knew that she was holding back her urge to say yes. 'I don't know, but you need to pull over and stop crying. I'll call you back in just a minute.'

I hung up and frantically punched in the seven digits that were engraved in my brain cells. I knew he wasn't going to answer, but it was worth a try to me.

I believe in second chances, and boy did I need one on that awful day. I pulled over in the parking lot of some random church to attempt to dry my eyes and clear my head. It was freezing cold outside, and I hate winter. So did my best friend, Erica. Maybe that was why she moved to Florida that day without saying bye to anyone. Not even her best friend.

My head was throbbing. Each thump was reminding me that they were gone and my heart was still beating. Reminding me that I was still alive, even though I was all alone. It was all pissing me off, and the tears wouldn't stop falling. I was drowning myself in anger.

He said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I over-reacted. We weren't even fighting. There was no reason for me to storm out. No reason for me to end it. It was so miniscule that I don't even remember what he said. It was my own fault that I was sitting there bawling my eyes out in my Explorer. It made perfect since that he wouldn't answer my calls. I acted like a bitch. I deserved the silent treatment. I knew I had made a mistake, and I needed to admit it to him.

I needed one opportunity to show him the respect he deserved. I needed one opportunity to show him that true love makes it work. I needed one more opportunity to make it right. One more opportunity. We can't all get it right the first time, so I believe in second chances.

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