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   There is a widespread realization that we are using and abusing our resources too rapidly. This is especially pertinent in the area of water conservation, where, because of the over use of water, it may become the first major limiting factor on the growth of the human population. For some, water shortages and the subsequent rationing are merely inconveniences. But to many, droughts and the famines that they produce have life-threatening consequences. There have been many efforts to reduce water consumption in the home, such as taking shorter showers. But these solutions can only save so much water. For this reason, technological answers are now being more readily accepted and used. These things range from large-scale desalinization plants to laser-guided tractors that plow more efficiently and reduce runoff. Employing reduced water using appliances is another solution

The proposed solution, reducing the household water supply by reusing shower water in toilets, is not only feasible, but practical as well. Shower water flowing into the drain would flow through a pipe into a holding tank. An easily changeable carbon filter lies directly before the tank entrance to filter out dirt and debris. When needed, a small electric pump would pump the water to the various toilets around the house. This secondary supply pipe would supplement the public water flow in the toilet tank by cutting the needed water supply in half. No new toilet would be needed, only an additional supply tube which would have its own opening into the toilet, and the needed equipment for opening it.

This solution, when implemented, will cut the toilet water use in half, regardless of which toilet is used. This would mean a yearly savings of 8,000 gallons of water for a family of four. s

Students: Jordan Adler f Jonathan Ells f Jeff Hardgrove Teacher-Advisor:

Melanie Krieger

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