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   How would you like to live next to a chemical plant? The big smoke-stacks of chemical pollution are going up into the air putting a bigger hole in the ozone layer. The government should do more about this before something more happens to us. Hundreds of people are getting all types of cancer. There are more and more cases reported every year.

Bondi's Island, the sewage plant, situated along the Connecticut River, in Springfield, Massachu-setts, has created a problem with odor throughout the city. In the past 14 years of research, they've done little to eliminate the smell. Ideas of building a dome over the plant was suggested, but is too costly. Of course the idea of building a gambling casino seems to peak the interest of many city officials.

While this is going on, they should be thinking about how to get rid of the waste, rather than trying to fight a "no win battle." Why don't they compress it and send it into space in an everlasting shuttle until it burns up? While they try deodorizing the smell with their machinery, they're probably polluting the surroundings even more. If all comes to worse, they should go back to the drawing board before they waste more of our taxpayers' money on obviously useless solutions. u

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