The Chemistry Store This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   On a bright sunny morning at ten o' eight or more,

A stranger opened a chemistry store

Six of us went, and with money in hand,

saw amazing things that were amazingly grand.

The owner smiled and beckoned us in,

and bade us to sit at the counter within

And he took out his beakers, and test tubes and burners

and from that moment on, we all became learners.

He pulled down a chart, like a calendar of dates,

except it was arranged in long rows of eights

A Periodic Table, with elements galore

some that were known and some not seen before

And held together with bonds covalent and ionic,

and made things fizzle like a tall glass of tonic

"But wait," cried the owner, "Please wait, there's more,

In Kotch's Astonishing Chemistry Store.

There's a spectrum of light, like the ones on the wall,

and there's some light you can't see at all.

And a rainbow appeared just above our hair,

And we knew that somewhere the light was infrared.

"There are a few laws in the store which you must keep in mind,

That help to keep the Chemistry world in line.

Like Boyles and Charles, and Daltons, for pressure and volume,

An example is how much gas you can have in a small room.

But government's easy, it's the math that's a doozy,

Like V1 and T2, but those are easy.

Try a calculation going from mass to mass sometime.

It will find you in a bind in no time.

And weather, that's part of chemistry and such,

there's nothing that chemistry just doesn't touch.

The cold fronts and highs and stationary fronts too

They have an effect on you, yes they do.

And the temperature change depends on the movement

of one of the fronts, from here to Massachusetts.

And the food that you eat that folks buy and sell,

have chemical lipids and proteins, and vitamins as well.

They make your bones strong, they prevent strange diseases,

like rickets and cancer, so eat what you pleases,

Only don't eat so much! No, don't do it at all

'Cause that can cause problems that bring doctors' calls."

A#nd he took out a carrot, presented with glee, and said,

"This has the right amount of Vitamin C!"

He munched away, and sent us along

to tell our town of the Chemistry song

The Chemist waved us good-bye, told us to return

But to bring more people, that they, too, could learn.

And as we ran down the road and turned at the hatter's,

we heard him say happily, "Chemistry: The study of items that matter!"

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this so much!
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