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October 5, 2016
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Computer programming for kids is becoming more popular. During my iCoded class…

Go to the monitor and look closely at the pixels and different colors. The monitor display resolution is 2530x1550. The image is fuzzy and small. Notice the three colors and...

iCode is computer programming for children. Young people learn about the colors, resolution, and pixels of graphics.

Three Colors

Basically, the three colors is blue, green, and red is primary colors(Ex. roses are red and violet is blue).Sometime it is yellow but on tv mix red and green it would be yellow.The three colors improve by making the color more bright or clean look to it or make it lighter.Also how small and how much the cones there is on the colors.I think that LG and Samsung has best coloring in there tv.

Display Resolution
Display resolution is what size of screens is.The average display resolution for smartphone is about 320x480.Also, the display resolution of desktop is about 1680x1050.I think apple display resolution is right on because mid-size not big.Also not small so I’m use to apple so that I say would I said.

Size of Pixels or DPI
DPI stand for dot per inches and pixel usually are DPI but improve 1200 pixels x 1920
pixels from 3400 pixels x 4130 pixels.Pixel are small because you can barely see it. The smaller the pixel is more of a clear image or graphics to see.That why on youtube you can change how much clear (Ex.1080 HD).So that explain why pixel are small.


Therefore, that's the improvement of graphic equipment.Three colors on usually blue, red, and  green.The display resolution size and use of equipment.Size of pixel or dot per inches.Also, how is all this related and how has stayed the same?

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