A Memento MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The "Woody" is much more than a pen. It is an original idea that helps the environment, but that is not why it is so special to me. A few months ago my writings were published twice in this periodical. That was the first surprise. What shocked me was getting feedback on one of my pieces. Being published twice resulted in me receiving two "Woody" pens. Only one thing could top these gifts, but I will not tell you her name. At the time I wriote this, I was a junior and she was a senior. There were less than three weeks of school left and I realized she would go to college and I would most likely never see her again. She was a fellow published writer, but not in The 21st Century. I decided to give her one of my pens. Her face lit up like the morning sunshine. The "Woody" pen is the only thing she has to remember me by. I thank you for starting your "Woody" program and think you should continue it. c

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i love this so much!


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