Training Wheels MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Because things don't always happen

Or at least, not the way you'd like them to:

Plans fall through

and ideas get shot down

And the reaction you thought you'd get

hits you back in the face

Like a piece of gum spit out a car window.

Arms you expected to be open wide

weren't waiting

And unfortunately,

cookies and milk no longer make it better -

Because they never really did make things better.

Sometimes a band-aid and a kiss

won't heal a scrape

You need to spray the stinging stuff first

to clean it all out,

And only then will a healing scab start to form

So of course you're scared to ride your bike again

(the one your father held the back of for three months

waiting for you to be sure of yourself),

And who wouldn't be?

The good thing

is that you never forget

how to ride a bike

no matter how many times you fall off.

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i love this so much!


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