My Law of Life

September 24, 2016

Henry Thoreau, one of the most influential writers I admire, wrote “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment”. I couldn’t agree more with this quote, as the statement reminds me to treasure every moment of my life and take advantage of every opportunity. Often, I find myself feeling numb to the repetitive pattern of the life I am currently living and becoming overwhelmed by what is to come in the future. The quote focuses my vision to the present and enlightens my life.

As a student, I have to attend school every day and follow the exact weekday schedule, and even adhere to a specific schedule at home on weekends. I am as busy as a bee and have to work so hard for my grades. School, homework, and exams occupy my mind most days with constant fear about my future. I spend no time thinking about the present and only thinking about moving forward. Sometimes, I want to throw all my worries in the washing machine. The reality is, however, that my worries are stains in my brain that I need to use my own hands to scrub off. I know that I need to take actions now or the stains won’t come off later, and they will all become regrets. This reminds me that I must “live in the present” and overcome what is in front of me first. Clock is ticking away, and I have to catch all the scarce opportunities that are available for me right now.

I have come to realize that life is not that monotonous after all. With the right attitude and mindset, there are mysterious yet wonderful surprises in life that have not yet discovered. Living in a country that is full of opportunities, I have become spoiled and ignorant. I am unaware of how blessed I am to have such a desirable life that many people covet. This law of life makes me recall the summer when I went to a short term local mission trip called “7 Bridges to Recovery”. I went under the bridges of Atlanta and to the Bluff, which is Atlanta’s largest crack cocaine district, to preach the gospel. The disparity between my life and those children I helped was significant, and I was shocked that Atlanta has such place. The event that stood up to me the most was when the mission team was walking on the street, we saw a man opening a fire hydrant, and later I found out that the man had opened the water for his family. Although the man did something illegal, he opened my eyes to see I blessed I am. Instead of utilizing what I have, I grumble about how much more I could have. The surroundings around me right now should be considered as precious. This makes me realize that when I appreciate my present, I can see more colors to my ordinary life.

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