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September 23, 2016
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Part of our lives deals with technologies. You won’t be able to live that life if you don’t know anything about technologies. Most of the things that we find out about the world is determined by computers. But when I say the word “computer”, you might think that I’m referring it to just a PC, but I’m actually talking about all electronic devices that are used for storing and processing data. And do you know who created those computers, computer engineers of course! But can you believe it, using computers that was created by a person to understand and learn about the world that we live in, it’s amazing!


My dream of becoming a computer engineer is very important to me because it is a dream that I’ve always had ever since i was in elementary school. It was the time when I first got introduced to computers with basic computer lessons. Later on i realized that a computer can be useful in many ways and I thought that it was really awesome. But I’ve always thought to myself of how a computer was made. So that’s when my curiosity brought me to my dream. I also notice that working as a computer engineer, you can earn a decent amount of money from your job.


There is still a long way for me to go, considering the things that I have to do and things that I have to learn. First of all, I have to graduate high school and then attend a university college. For my college classes I will have to take classes that are related to computer engineering. Last, I would have to major in computer engineering and graduate college with a Master’s Degree. From there on, I can get my career.


But before I can even get close to my dream, I’m going to be needing a lot of help with things like financial aid for my college tuition and other expenses like food, textbooks, and school supplies. Therefore, I’ll have to apply for scholarships and get loans, or a part-time job to help pay for it. Also, I’ll have to know how to drive in order to make transportation easier for me. But that won’t be too hard because I can just have my dad help me with. Meaning, I can take driving lessons from him so I can learn how to drive and get my Driver’s License. After all, my family is always my biggest support of all time.


Technology is something that has improved our lives and make life easier for us. Everything that we do or learn nowadays are done by the help of technologies.There are many other things that I can do, but this dream became part of my passion. I would like to take part in the industry community and try to improve and make our technologies even better. But in your opinion, do you think having better technology is helping us or hindering us?

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