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September 23, 2016
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Be a charge hard person! That’s my motivation, keep reminding yourself that. To have luck you must work hard for it and when you start something there’s always a goal, a dream. Especially when you want to get out of your lane to just get there. Being a Marine Corps Judge Advocate (Lawyer) can be very very challenging when planning on trying the Nation's most difficult military branch and then testing out for a Lawyer. But you don’t think about the cost because when you do you’re going to want to quit.

I want to do things “normal” people can’t do so I can one day say “I did that.” The main goal of mine to be completed is because I want to be a successful independent women. I want to show my family that I can do it and also prove to society that a women can make it if you try hard and stay hungry for it. It’s not about if you can make it to the top, it’s if you can stay at the top. It’s like a domino chain, if I do it my siblings will do a good job in their life. Especially when I’m the oldest and to lead the example.

As a Junior I already know what my role is and that is to finish all my classes and start looking for colleges that I want to go to. Also to not just ask friends or research but I need to be out there and really talking to people with experiences about colleges. With Junior Year I’m going to be signing up for scholarships and working on my plan A,B,C, and so on until I get accepted into one that fits me. I’m not trying to do anything last minute but I want a college that accepts me into their school. Then when a Senior Year comes I can be a set and stone student, squared away.

I know some of my friends has dreams and goals but they don’t understand how to get there or the steps. Talking to counselors, teachers, friends that wish to attend the same school as you or graduated Seniors would be a great benefit to you. Maybe I wouldn’t know what questions to ask but when they start talking I will do everything I can to pick at their brain to gain knowledge of the colleges I wish to attend. I understand the part where they won’t work for me but they’ll help me and guide me there. I’m a very challenging and competitive person so I believe, truly that I will get there and into a great college and finish my goal. To be a successful independent women.

If I go into a good University or even just college I’ll be the first generation in my family to go and that’s a big thing because I grew up with the male adults being a bad example. The boys always hanging onto the women to nurture them and care for them but from what I believe the “men” should be the one to be the breadwinner. It’s just human nature, the female has her parts too but I grew up experiencing my mom and grandma working both position. Now I could’ve been a bad person too because of their example my family members set for me but I saw the example and effort my mom and grandma put into me and my siblings made me think otherwise. Their sacrifice to me helped me a lot plus I saw how many opened doors were opened to me and I wanted to be the generation to change that. My grandpa once told me one day I was getting ready on a school morning, “keep studying and working hard, time never waits.” You really only need 3 things to be successful, be a charge hard person, set a plan and strive for excellence!

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