Act 1

March 9, 2009
I wake up at 5:30 like I do every morning and turn on my favorite local news station, Today's THV. I sit down on my bed waiting for the results of yesterday's election. Obama won, not a big surprise, but what I am looking for is part of the state voting. I want the final decision on Act One, the only part I care about. I watch as the results scroll across the small screen. The decision has been made and I hate it. The people of Arkansas have decided that the qualifications of a foster parent need to change.
While sitting and wanting to yell at the voters I hear the words 'three year old'. My attention immediately returns to the newscaster as she updates a story from yesterday. 'A three year old little girl was beaten to death by her father Monday night. Police say the man was drunk and the little girl had reportedly been asking for food. The little girl had recently been returned to her parents because no foster homes were available.'
I can't imagine how the social worker that had been working her case must feel know that she failed this little blond-haired, blue-eyed angel. She failed not because she didn't try but because there was n where for the little girl to go.
What's worse is that the number of foster homes will plummet like the stock market because our 'morals' got in the way of the children. Why should we care if a single foster parent raises a child? Thousands of kids have single parents and moist of the turn out to be functioning members of society. Why should we care if a gay couple raises a child we will never meet? The answer is we shouldn't instead of being concerned with the 'moral' situation we should be concerned about whether the child is getting the care and attention it deserves.

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