Perfect Dress

March 9, 2009
By Anonymous

O my god I look horrible! The dark purple dress with white lace at the bottom in the shape of a rose ,was the ugliest thing ive ever seen, the sleeves were so puffy I was afraid if I touched them they would pop! The fabric was some kind of mutated silk I think, it was scratchy but it still looked soft. With my pale skin and red hair it made me look like someone auditioning for the circus. Within just twenty minutes I had tried on more dresses than I have ever worn and they all looked the same on me ugly! I kept thinking to my self why did I ever agree to be a bridesmaid, but I was not only the bridesmaid I was the maid of honor, which meant I was at the mercy of my sisters fashion sense and that was definitely not one of her talents. Which definitely showed two years earlier when she picked out the puke green prom dress.
I have to admit I wasn't making this dress thing easy .Every thing she would suggest I would push away. I was being extremely difficult. I would turn and walk the other way when she even hinted she wanted me to try a dress on. This whole dress thing just gave me a chance to take out all my other issues with my sister at one time. We have had other arguments in the past but there has always been something that has just made it so we could not see eye to eye and this was a perfect opportunity to let her know how I felt. From store to store every time I would end out walking out of the stores. Tina and me never shared a good look that whole day we glared at each other. I figured that if I had to wear a stupid dress then Tina should be miserable to.

I had been inside at least ten different boutiques. All having names ranging from Lora's boutique to Weddings are Us. We not only went to stores we also looked on line for hours. Tina referred to this torturous dress shopping as 'looking for the perfect dress' I called it boring and not worth it. Know one should have to go through the dresses she made me try on.
Tina was getting married in two weeks which set the date in the end of December. So knead less to say we were rushing for a dress that I could wear and still not look like a clown. The wedding was planned so that there would be snow on the ground so she could have her dream wedding. I suggested we wear snow boots and jeans it sounded like a more conventional idea as opposed to dresses and heels in snow that was not my idea of special! There was no way I was going to walk out in the snow with heels on that were bright pink ,they were also open toed, so not only would they make me look ridiculous my blue frozen toes would also stick out. One wrong turn and the reflection of the pink heels and my frozen blue toes off the snow could blind anyone unfortunate to walking by.

Around noon we walked by this gorgeous bridal store in Lincoln it just had major curb appeal. It was a smaller store with a nice homemade sign right in front of the door. It was a tan colored store with blue trim. It looked like something right out of a European village it looked just like a European cottage. After seeing this store Tina just knew the perfect maid of honor dress was there. So I went in reluctantly dragging my feet wondering which monstrosity will I try on next. From the corner of my eye I caught the sight of a pink gown that looked like someone took a lofah and poured Pepto-Bismol on it. It had pink ruffles from the mid section down the sleeves looked like puffballs the top part of the dress was as plain and the floor I was standing on; this dress was ridiculous it should have been a crime to let someone put this for sale. While I was gawking at this puffball of a dress my sister was collecting some real winners for me at the other side of the store.

So one by one I tried on each and every dress and it seems the uglier the dresses got the more of an audience I had. When I tried on this bright yellow dress that looked like something from 'Gone With the Wind'. This lady walks by stops and says, ' So wear is the costume party at?'
She clearly had no room to talk she was wearing flower print sweatpants that were way to short with a orange blouse that was covered in peace signs that looked as though it was some souvenir from a 70's rocks concert. Her shoe of choice was a snow boot, which I must say made her stubby body look even fatter that what she was. I just looked at her and said, ' I don't know but it looks like you have already been there!' then I turned and walked right back into the dressing room. Now I never behave this way I think it was this dress fever getting to me but Im normally calm and collective not obnoxious!

After looking back at my choices I had four dresses left one was a pink knee length halter top with two chains of rhinestones entwined around the stomach of the dress, which completely set off the rhinestones that encompassed the hem of the dress. The second was even better it was a long black dress that had bands that contrasted each other right below the strapless neckline. The neckline and trim was lined with rhinestone buttons. After seeing these dresses I wondered how I went from dresses that would make a dog cry to dresses that were really quit elegant and nice. These dresses were exactly what I would want to wear they were beautiful. I guess I was taking quit a long time looking at these gowns because before I knew it Tina was knocking at the dressing room door.

'Can I come in?' I snapped out of this gaze when I heard Tinas voice behind the door.

'Ya sure.' I answered with quit surprise I didn't think I was taking that long.
When she came in she looked a little surprised.

'You don't like them?' you could hear the hurt in her voice like she was waiting for me to hurt her feelings.

'No I love them actually they are better than some of the other ones.'

'Ok then well can you hurry up I want to see them so hurry!!' she said quickly and hurried out of the dressing room.

I looked at the last two dresses and I fell in love with the third one. It was a symmetrical dress that formed to my body and flared at the bottom. This dress was a lighter brown and strapless. I loved this dress it was the right size and it was a perfect color for me. It set off my green eyes and red hair off. I completely forgot about the four dresses I walked out of the dressing rooms feeling like a princess.

'O my god Sami you look great!' Tina's eyes just lit up when she saw me.
'This is the one I just know it.' She went straight back to the shoes and picked out a gorgeous pair of clear high heels with diamonds and rhinestones covering the whole shoe. When I slipped the shoe on it just made the dress shine. The dress was perfect it wouldn't blind anybody and the wedding it looked great on me it made my sister happy and it was only 150 dollars and for this dress it was a steal. The best part though is that I know longer had to put my foot into those hideous pink heels.

We left the dress shop satisfied we got a brilliant dress and beautiful shoes. But I think that the best part would have to be that my sister was actually happy the whole time I had this dress on she was just beaming. We were looking for a dress for me all day and nothing suited us ,but in just thirty minutes my sister and I actually agreed on a dress and we got to save some money to!

'Want to go out for ice cream?'

'Nah I think I want to go show of my dress!'

' Of course you do.' Tina answered in a giggly voice with a smile on her face.

' Ok then lets go knocked them dead!' that was the last thing she said before we got in the car to show off my newly acquired gown. We walked to the car smiling and giggling just like we were little kids again. We drove home without bickering or arguing it was the best time I have had with my sister in a long time.

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