Scary Day At The Falls

March 9, 2009
By Terry Norris BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Terry Norris BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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Hanging with my buddy Colten is a pretty big thing because we have a lot in common. We both enjoy competitive sports, and have the same sense of humor. Colten is 6'0 tall, kind of gaunt, really long fingers and ears that stick out really wide. Colten and I rarely ever find us bored or stuck out of things to do. As we continued sitting and thinking I pulled out a picture of a Multnomah Falls brochure. I have never been there before but Colten had been there one time before me so he thought it was pretty cool. He told me that to walk the whole entire thing it takes 3 and half hours to walk depending on the paths we take and the pace we are walking. It was about six o'clock in the summer and it doesn't normally get dark until around nine so we had three hours until nightfall. We packed food, flashlight, a rope, and two Cell phones and made our way to the falls.

When we arrived to the falls it overwhelmed me because I wasn't expecting the first thing you see is a huge waterfall, I was expecting a little it of a hike at first then coming to the waterfall. The Waterfall casted a nice misty breeze onto the crowds of people gathering around and taking pictures. It was as if somebody was spraying us with a huge spray bottle. As we crossed the bridge leading to the paths that guide us to the falls we had to make our way through a mass crowd of people and little children running everywhere. We finally got to the path and immediately got bored because we wanted to take a route that dealt with rocks and water so we decided to cheat the path and get dirty. We climbed the 'DO NOT CLIMB' zone, which in my case was a bad idea because as we were climbing it a small boulder rolled down the dirt and smashed me in my kneecap. Leaving my knee busted wide open. At the point we were too far to go back but still very far from the top. Luckily I had bandages in my backpack so I just healed myself and made way.

It was about 8:15 almost dark out and we still haven't reached the top so Colten and began to panic and called his grandfather. His grandpa told us that we should have flashlights in my backpack and to tough it out and keep walking to the top. We agreed and told him that if we call him to meet us at the top and if we don't to pick us back up at the bottom. He agreed with a worried voice we finally reached the top at 10:20 and it was completely dark. There was parking with two light poles but only one worked. So we went and stood underneath that. We tried calling his grandpa again but both phones had no service. We soon began to regret that telling him that if we don't call him that we would have to meet back down at the bottom. So we had to make the 3 and half walk up the mountain right back down it.

As we were walking down the mountain we heard a strange noise behind us so we started to run a little bit faster. Then all of a sudden something dressed in all white began to chase and scream at us. We ran for a good one hundred yards then stopped. The noise that was chasing us was now gone. About 30 minutes into the walk back down we came to a sign that lead us straight down to the bottom of the hill. We took it and soon heard people screaming our names. When we reached the voices it was 4 policemen that had been searching for us for about 2 hours. They had told us that they just cancelled the search and rescue helicopter. We still hadn't found out what was chasing us earlier on that day so we just gave up on wondering. We got into the back of Colten's grandfathers jeep and went home. Colten and I are still best friends and visit Multnomah Falls once every month for good memories.

The author's comments:
When this incident happened i was about 13 years old and i am now 18 i decided to write this story because it was one of the best memories of my life and i would like for everybody to know what happened that day at multnomah falls.

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