The High School Experience

March 8, 2009
By sherri kriegel BRONZE, New City, New York
sherri kriegel BRONZE, New City, New York
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My high school years definitely cannot compare to the slums of Mumbai as in Slumdog Millionaire , however there are still conflicts, stresses and daily life that are at times difficult to get through. Although Clarkstown North High school has its physical flaws, it is still a better place then most schools.

I struggle everyday to fit in school as a Jonas Brothers fan. Most in school make fun of me as they like rap music and I do not. But, I keep to my true feelings as a true Jonas Brothers fan and do not let people change me. I would like one day to have a career in the music industry as a promoter, however this is not the norm at Clarkstown North. A doctor, lawyer, fashion designer is much more popular and acceptable. The ridicule one must put up with on a daily basis from this is stressful and bad. Other students are so mean. But, I follow my dream and I try not to let others bother me. I laugh them off, since to live in an upper middle class town one sometimes has to put up with others who just are annoying and common. I am thankful there are no metal detectors, full police presence and I.D. cards needed on a daily basis, as there are in some schools.

I participate in Varsity sports since there is so much pressure on us to maintain a good figure and always be in shape. Although I love sports, it is very hard as a freshmen to have a hard sports schedule and get all your work done. I try to manage the best I can and maintain a fair balance between sports and school. Our society puts so much pressure on being the best you can be in sports and school. I feel I struggle everyday with this challenge. I do the best I can, and I know that I try. Some kids in doing this struggle rely on drugs, like steroids and other illegal drugs to keep them strong in sports and awake in school, I do not do these drugs. Although at times tempted, I need to remember the strong self esteem and control that I have and realize one does not get ahead by illegal ways.

High school days revolve around wearing the correct clothing and having the right electronics. I know one should not be judged just because they are wearing an ugly shirt or have an old phone, mp3 player or Ipod. I do my best to have the newest fashions, and I am thankful my parents can afford the best electronics for me, but I am never mean to anyone that does not have these items. I know these are tough times and not all parents can afford it. I am nice to all people even if some of my friends are mean. I know better. I am thankful Clarkstown North does not have uniforms, so I can express myself through clothing.

High school is about picking the right classes that will add up to the credits that you require to go to the college of your dreams. In our school there is much pressure to go to the best schools in the nation. However, this is not always possible. There is a college out there for everyone, and you just have to find the right place for you. In high school you need to pick the right classes that you are interested in, not just what your friends want. You need to remember that you're an individual and what you like, other might not like. In Clarkstown they give you many choices, but you have to pick the right ones. I always look to my parents and guidance counselors to guide me in the right direction.

High school is full of conflicts, and people try to pull you in different directions. But, stay true to yourself and have a good family and friends supporting you, then you can get through anything. I believe in myself and each day I get through the day at Clarkstown North always knowing I am a good person. One day, I will be successful and always happy and remember my high school experience as a positive one.

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