please dont stop me

March 7, 2009
By Taylor dick SILVER, Leola, Pennsylvania
Taylor dick SILVER, Leola, Pennsylvania
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Every sense i can remember i always just wanted to have that dream wedding and the man of my dreams. Well im not sure anymore about my dream wedding because who knows what may happen in life. The man of my dreams keeps on hurting me. Sometimes i wounder about what the future will hold for me. Dont get me wrong he is amazing but what has happened between us just messed up everything for me. Sometimes i wounder if what happen will happen again. But i cant talk to him about it he just flips out. But ever sense we got back together things have changed now all it is fighting and him calling me a b****. I know in my heart he dont mean it but it still hurts. Maybe i should just leave then he cant hurt me. But for now i guess i have to stay. But one day i will come back and show you what you had.

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