Birthday On D-Day

March 7, 2009
By Shanna Carter BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Shanna Carter BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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June 6th, being Jakes birthday was normally a pleasant occasion for him. Today was different though for him, because instead of sleeping in later than usual and then enjoying the breakfast his mother prepared especially for him, he was getting ready for what could be his last birthday. The night before he had hardly slept a wink and ate the horrific ships gruel and now on June 6th 1944 his nineteenth year alive he sat crowed timorously in the corner of one of the numerous launch boats that sat off the shores of Omaha beach. Jake had entered the Marines because it was advertised for young men who were intrepid and willing to serve their country no matter what. Now sitting in the boat just seconds away from what could become the last day of his life he no long felt scared but had a sense of valor to keep going and make it to his next birthday.

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