For A Boy and Love I Once Knew

March 7, 2009
By , Lakehills, TX
I was once a girl with much knowledge about the world, that is, until I met you. Because when I met you everything seemed to change. Everything I once knew was different. That's what love did to me.
It all happened the first day I met you, the first time I laid eyes on you. You made me laugh, and smile, and get that feeling most girls only dream of. We flirted. Innocently. Then we started holding hands. This almost made for a daily date. For awhile this went on and then the most amazing thing happened, you kissed me. It was the greatest I had ever felt. All the rest of the world disappeared and all that was left was you and me.
From flirting, to holding hands, to kissing, I felt amazing. And for once, everything went right. Everything. The power of love had overcome. The world was perfect, life was perfect, and love was perfect. You were my first love.
From there, you gave me many more kisses, but I started doubting everything. You. Me. Us. Kisses became fewer and fewer and then we started seeing each other less and less. We fell apart. Our love fell apart.
Then came someone new. A pretty girl, with glossy hair and a school girl uniform. She was what made me realize that you were 'Just a Boy I Once Knew.' It occurred to me that you were also the 'Love I Once Knew.'
They always say we take things for granted and never miss something until it's gone, they were right. When this 'Boy I Once Knew' was gone I missed you. I spent countless hours thinking of you, thinking what went wrong. And then I realized it. I was what had gone wrong. I was so afraid of a commitment to you, I scared you away, my first love. It was a lesson learned and one not forgotten. Love can make you think things you've never thought before, it can make you feel as if your flying, and it can break your heart. So watch out for love you never know what it may bring to your life.

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