March 6, 2009
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Stop, stop I am going to fast! Going so fast my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head. I hang onto Riley for dear life. This is what it felt like my first time tubing at Pando with my bud Riley.
On Monday Feb 23, 2009 Riley and I went tubing at Pando. It was my first time ever and I was petrified of the humongous hill. We grabbed our tubes and hopped on to be pulled by the tow rope. That was really cool and scary. I thought it was going to unlatch me and have me go sliding down the wrong hill. But it never did. When we got to the top of the hill Riley and I chose to go together. I was glad to have Riley with me. 'Ready, Set, Run!' I ran and jumped on the tube sending us flying down the hill. We were going so fast my eyes watered and my hair was pulling away from my skin. I thought the ride would never end. 'That was amazing!' I screamed aloud. I had a really great time.
Riley and I ran back to the tow rope and jumped on again. Over, and over we repeated this and neither of us got tired of it. The ride up was relaxing and the ride down was wicked cool. By the time it was dark, the lights were turned on to the track. That made it more exciting. We went down the hills again and again until it became too busy for us to go down. Riley and I were frozen to our bones but had the best time together. We proceeded back to the car frozen from head to toe. Our hair in tangles, dripping from the snow that had covered us.
The car was so cozy warm. I felt like I had stepped out of Michigan and into Florida. The ride home warmed us back up as we could finally start to feel our fingers and toes. When we arrived at my house I thanked them and headed inside.
I would recommend anyone to go tubing at Pando. It is safe and fun. Pick a perfect day to go like we did and you will never want to leave. I will always remember that day I spent with my best friend Riley!

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