Dude Where's My Char?

March 5, 2009
I got my pack of Pokemon cards. I ran like hell to get outside. I ripped the pack open. It felt so good. It feels awesome when you rip the pack open and see the new cards. They have that new card smell. I could almost get high off that new card smell.
There was a super shiny Charmander inside it. I almost peed in my pants because Charmander rocks. I immediately named it Char. I kept sniffing the cards as I ran outside. I showed my friends the cards I got, some dumb Pikachus and then that awesome Charmander.
They all got their cards out. We sat on my porch and looked at our cards. I put my Charmander down to look at my friend's deck. When I gave his deck back, my Charmander was gone. I did a double take to check if it was really gone.
I asked him, 'Dude, where's my Char?'
He said, 'I don't know, It was here a second ago.'
I was ticked. 'I'm not gonna ask again, WHERE'S MY CHAR.'
He gave me the same answer. I got really mad.
I got up and threw him off my porch, and when he hit the floor, I ran down the steps and kicked the $#!% out of him. He started to cry. I walked back up the porch and my baby was lying right there. 'MY CHAR,' I yelled. Turns out I was sitting on it the whole time. Oh well. My freind ruptured his liver, but I still have my Charmander.

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