Good Times in Hollywood

March 5, 2009

I can still remember my first time in Hollywood. It was one of the most memorable vacations in my life. My friends and I decided that we were hungry, so we went out to eat. We went to a small Mexican restaurant with delicious food. After we were finished eating, we decided to walk down Hollywood and go sight seeing. When we arrived in Hollywood, there were so many bright lights to see. As we were walking down the street, my friend saw a store that she wanted to go to. She started running towards the store. As she was sprinting towards the store, she tripped over a curb. We ran towards her to see if she was okay. When she said yes, we could not help but laugh. She was embarrassed at first, but then she started to laugh about it. I will never forget that moment in Hollywood. It was one of the most memorable, funny, and crazy moments that I have ever experienced in my life and it all happened in Hollywood.

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