Best Night of my life

March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Once me and my sister went to England, the whole trip was planned over a concert, but the day before we were leaving, something really sad happened.

It was Thursday night and I was SO exited, because tomorrow was the day, I was finally going to that concert. I came into my sister's apartment, and was going to sleep there, because we were flying to England very early the next morning. I went out to the kitchen to make some food, after about 5 min. my sister called me, I worked into the room, she just stood there broken, and pointed toward the computer, so I looked, I started reading it, it said that to members of the band Westlife (who we were going to see) was sick, so the concert in Manchester (where we was going) was canceled. And that they were planning to continue in Sheffield on Sunday. We were so sad! Started crying, and all that. But we decided to take the trip and enjoy it the best we could. Next day we went there, and then our parents called us, they told us that we could take a train to Sheffield on Sunday, and see the concert there, and that was what happened, and I had the best night in my life.

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