My Friend Duke

March 5, 2009
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My friend and I were trampling down the path. The sound of his padded feet against the soft wet dirt was like a whisper in the night. His tail was wagging at the speed of lightning, wagging like a whiplash, wagging his tail just to enjoy it. Duke, my black lab, just came into the world a year ago. This run was to be his last. Unfortunately, neither him nor I knew.

I have been at my grandparent's house for three days and it was starting to become boring. Earlier today Duke and I went for a run. The little puppy's legs are too slow for his speed. In just a few minutes I would have to change into my work clothes and go outside and feed the chickens. I was just buttoning my work jeans, snapping all of the buttons, wishing I could go home. Suddenly, I heard the front door fly open and crash into the wall next to it.

'Chris,' my grandpa yelled, 'come outside now!'

As I thundered down the stairs I saw that my grandpa had tears in his eyes. When my grandpa cried something had to be wrong because my grandpa was not a crier.

'Yes?' I questioned anxiously.

'I'm sorry,' my grandpa cried out.

'Sorry for what?' I asked almost instantly after he spoke.

'Duke has been hit by a truck.'

As I ran outside I saw a site that was very horrible. My dog was sprawled in the driveway with the look of terror in his eyes. My grandpa came up behind me an put a hand on my shoulder and mumbled, ' Sorry you had to see this.'

For many hours I was still outside stroking his soft floppy ears. Unfortunately, he was still alive and he was suffering.

'I'm sorry,' I whispered, as tears rolled down my cheeks.

He looked up at me and looked me directly in the eyes. He gave me the please-help-me-look. In those few seconds I could hear his padded feet against the soft earth and his tail wagging at the speed of lightning. Those few seconds were the longest in my life, as he took his last breath. And then he died

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