Seek independance, not normalcy

March 4, 2009
By Miles Kinman BRONZE, SAn Jose, California
Miles Kinman BRONZE, SAn Jose, California
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You used to mock me because of my name.

You laughed and stared at me because of the music I listen to.

You point fingers because I'm not as smart or athletic as you,
so you left me out.

You stared and walk away from me because I "wear too much black."

You made fun of me because I don't have as many freinds as you.

You called me gay because you hated me for no reason.

You called me weird because I would rather sit and listen to music and talk to freinds rather than go to the mall.


My few freinds care, they don't laugh at what I tell them.

They understand and accept me.

I excel in other ways.

Is two articles of black clothing too much?

no one cares you said.......

One day, when I had finally had enough I retaliated and let the insults fly from my mouth (This may make me no better than them, but I don't care). Then you would tell me I have anger management or that I'm emo. So I walked away. When I walked away from you I never looked back. I'm glad to be rid of you and you're glad to be rid of me. Let us never meet again. Now I stand alone with people who care. I seek independance, not normalcy.

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