The Birthday present.

March 4, 2009
By Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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'Mom can we open up presents yet.' I asked without any patients.
'You still act like you are turning 9 this year. The way your begging.' She responded.
'Yeah but you said that this is my last year of opening presents so I have to get all the begging out of me.'I responded proving my point.
'Well, Ok go get everyone and say that were ready.'

When everyone was sitting down my grandpa and grandma told me to turn around and count to 25.
This is the longest 25 seconds of my life. I feel like I am going to find out that I won a million dollars or some car that cost a boat load of money. 11, 12, 13''.19, 20!!
When I turned around I went in slow mow just to keep the feeling of turning around for the last time ever and seeing your present right in front of you. As I could see in my peripheral vision my heart started to beat a million times a second. My palms also started to hurt because I was squeezing them so hard from my excitement. When I turned all the way around I saw a box with a picture of the ocean with people scuba diving. At first I thought it was some type video game or ride in your own house. But then it said 'Scuba Diving Equipment' on the side. I jumped up so high that my head almost reach the 9ft. ceiling. Then it all came back to me. On my summer vacation when I was ten my mom, dad, and I went down to Gulf Shores, Alabama and took lessons. After that I kept on asking about getting Scuba Gear and go to the ocean and swim with the 'BIG' creatures.
'Do you like your present Aaron?' My Grandma asked.

'Yes! I couldn't ask for anything better. Mom, Dad when can I go Scuba diving? I won't be able to be able to wait too long. I'll be bursting with so much excitement that my brains will blow.

'Wait before you say any more you still have to open up your other present first. This time you won't have to turn around. If you look inside of the box there is a card and an envelope. Open up the card before the envelope. As I opened it up my mom asked me to read it out loud.
Dear Aaron,
I hope you are having a great birthday and the memories of the party will stick in your top memories of your life time. Everyone help put in money to buy you something that will give you a tan and in joy the Scuba diving with the ocean animals. I talked to Will's family and asked if he would like to go with you. They said that they took Scuba training last year so he would love to go.

Love, Family

'WILL IS ABLE TO COME!! This will be the best vacation ever'

'Open up the envelope and you'll find out.' Mom replied.

When I opened the card I read 'Ticket to Indonesia. First class. Seat 13, row 4.

'Indonesia, I studied that in 7th grade for the Asia project. I did my animal on the Whale Shark. They are the biggest animal in the entire species of the ocean animals. They also have a life span of 60-100 years. Man that came out of nowhere! That was about Four years ago, don't know how that was still in my brain.

'The plane takes off in about a week. That will give you time to plan with Will what you are going to do down there besides scuba diving.'
'Thank you so much everybody. I more than greatly appreciate this One massive present. I'll give you a full report all about my trip when I get back. We will also e-mail you to keep an update on how it is.' I thanked with a grin from ear to ear.

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