My Diary: Cleopatra VII

March 4, 2009
By Michelle Mazon BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Michelle Mazon BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Springtime 51 B.C.

My father Ptolemy has just passed to the after life. Leaving his kingdom to me and my brother Atolemy XIII. Pompey was left in charge of my little brothers and sisters. I have to later marry my brother Atolemy, who is twelve years old. I am only eighteen right now. I hope later to in charge of Egypt when Pompey is gone.

September 28,48 B.C.

Pompey was beheaded only hoping to make it to Alexandria to Ptolemy XIII.

48. B.C.

Ptolemy was called for to make deals. I have no intentions being left out from any deals being made. I then asked the servants to smuggle me in a carpet across enemy lines and delivered to Caesar. Before the next morning I had already became lovers with Caesar. After that the Alexandria Was had started, my sister, Arsinoe, betrayed me and my brother Ptolemy XIII drowned trying to flee. Leaving me the Sole Ruler of Egypt.

August 12, 80 B.C.

I died at the age of 39 by a snake bite, committing suicide. My children Caesarian was born June 23, 47 B.C. and was struggled later when I died. My other children Cleopatra Jelene and Ptolemy Philaclelphos were raised by Octavia, Antony's ex wife. Lastly my favorite oath was 'As surely as I shall yet dispense justice on the Roman Capital.' Who am I you may ask, I am Cleopatra VII.

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