Pentium Pete MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Hi, my name's Pentium Pete,

Getting me on the market was quite a feat.

I was made by the brilliance of Intel

And can now be found in systems like Packard Bell.

I control everything in this place

At speeds of a blinding pace.

With so much to do in this crazy little box

It's a wonder I'm not fat as an ox!

Crazy people say I can't do math

They should know not to upset my wrath.

Just because one and one is really two

Doesn't mean their screen will always fade to blue.

First released with 60 as a top speed

My design wasn't even carried through the breed.

But when I hit 90 in late '93

The world cried with glee!

Now at 150, I'm cruisin'!

People don't have time for a little snoozin'!

Up in a blink, and off you go

Now let's await the Pentium Pro!

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i love this so much!


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