Do Schools Need Change?

August 22, 2016
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What is wrong with our academic system today, that teens accross the country would rather die than go to school? We have to go to school for about seven hours a day, and then we have to come home to about five hours of homework! Let's not forget about the necessities, teens need around nine hours of sleep, and they also need time for hygiene and eating. That leaves about an hour for kids to play sports or do any hobby. What about our mental health? Isn't that important? You may not believe that teens get panic attacks as well. The stress of keeping good grades and planning their future can be more than enough for any adult. What is wrong with schools now that grades are more important than learning?Give kids a break. Yes, it is true that we are durable, but we have a breaking point too. You should step into our shoes, and look through our eyes. 


Also, school lunches. Many children find them disturbing. I know our lunch ladies try their best, but many times the food ends up bland and soggy. Many teens would rather starve themselves than eat it. The portion of food that schools give us is clearly not enough for even a cockroach. You must understand, that some families are not financially stable, and cannot afford much. This may be the student's only meal for the day. Not to mention, please do not forget that we we are still children. We still need our childhood. 

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