Dear My Ex

August 20, 2016
By Anonymous

If you are reading this, it's too late. I've fallen in a deep hole of emotions, and it’s all about you ok? I know you hate me. I know you hate my friends, but if you are reading this you will understand my side and why this affected both of us in the worst way. Here we go:

I met you and felt something TOTALLY different. I've only felt that way with you. You caused me to be happy and confident and, just made me feel like i'm important. I can't even explain how much you affected my life. I'm not going to say love, cause that's too cheesy, but I guess I really REALLY liked you. Maybe because I thought, and really wanted to believe you weren't like the other guys. And YES, I'm sorry about my friends lashing out on you. BUT, they were only protecting me. YOU thought they were overreacting, but you DON'T EVEN KNOW how much, how long, and how hard I cried for months. YOU can't and will never understand what it's like. Unless you were as upset as I was about it. DO YOU even know what happened? DO YOU even know what YOUR FRIEND did? DID he tell you what he said to me? Do you know what he said to me about why YOU didn't like me, or WHY you dated me out of pity? You know what he said? He said i wasn't popular, so I wasn't your type and I was too emo. DO YOU KNOW how AGGRAVATING that is to hear? When you're constantly being called at in the hallway for being emo when all I did was Dye MY HAIR. I HATED the feeling that gave me. I WAS ANGRILY BAWLING MY EYES OUT DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS?? And now as I type I cry again because just thinking about what happen hurts. I guess the fact that your best friend dated mine and when she broke up with him he just layed it all out flat.

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