When I Am Alone MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Here I lie in bed with thinking about nothing and everything. I'm holding his Garfield that he gave me, his sweet smell of Cool Water, his cologne still all over it. All I can think about is him. Am I experiencing love for the first time? I think he is the one. When I'm with him, I have nothing to worry about. When I look into his big brown eyes, I feel like I'm trapped in another world, but a good world, a world where there's nothing to worry about because I'm with him.

When we sit looking up at the stars at night, I get the best feeling. I feel that I am a huge puzzle that is missing a piece when he's not with me. While my mom screams and yells at me about cleaning my room, all I can focus on is him. At those times, it's as if he's there. He's like a brother I never had. When he comes to my house, I'm a new person. When he smiles, I get chills just thinking about how lucky I am to have someone like him.

When he walks through my door I see the best sight. I see a 5-foot, 5-inch guy, with long mushroom-cut dirty blond hair. When I run my fingers through it, it feels like silk; my fingers slide right through it. When he gives me a hug and he's holding me in his arms, I never want him to let go.

When I am alone, I am not alone. His presence will always be with me, always and forever. I still feel his warmth around me when he is gone. At night I walk him outside to his dirt bike. The sky is black with a little fog, a couple of stars here and there. As last, as we touch, our cold hands slowly come apart, and his dry cold lips touch mine and give me a kiss goodnight. I listen to the motor roar as it gets lower and he gets closer to home. Then I'm inside to get his phone call and hearing the words that every girl wants to hear: I love you and good night. c

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i love this so much!


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