How to Take a Shower the Correct Way

July 28, 2016
By , wetmore, CO

To me, a shower is something so simple, but the truth? Everyone handles it in different ways, and your way may horrify you. Okay, now this article can be useful for guys, but it is mainly meant for girls. Guys, you have been warned. Now, onward!

Let us start with the hair. Oh the hair, the thing everyone judges. I’m guessing you put shampoo in, let is sit, then wash it out. Then, you put conditioner in, let in sit, then wash it out? Sadly, I am here to tell you that what you are doing is not only damaging your hair, stunting growth, and wasting time, it’s also causing the frizz that you use products to fix. How do we fix this horrifying reality? The two step hair wash. Now, hear me out because this way is much better. First massage shampoo into the crown of your hair. Studies show that putting shampoo in all of your hair is actually bad for it and just applying into the crown causes growth and reduces split ends. Now, the rest of your hair, apply that conditioner! This soothes your hair which reduces the frizz, reduces the split ends, and doesn’t damage your hair. The plus? No more damaged hair and you cut your time on your hair in half!

The body, not near as bad. Actually there isn’t a way to mess up here, just some time saving tricks. First thing I want to mention is shaving. Now, I can’t give you advice to shaving because that’s really none of my business, just remember to use soap first. Shaving is time consuming, so what I recommend is putting a shower cap on your hair and letting it soak in all the shampoo and conditioner have to offer while you shave. Once you finish shaving, rinse your hair and start with your body. Massage soap onto your scrubby or hand towel and scrub up! While that is soaking into your body, wash your face. With your face, make sure to be gentle. I use the little brushes you get at Wal-Mart, but anything works. Just make sure that you use soap that is dermatologist recommended. Now, rinse off your body and any remaining bubbles.

Shower routine complete! Hope you all enjoyed and found something useful for yourself.


This is me, reminding you to sip the coffee, enjoy life, and dance in the rain!

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