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February 26, 2009
By My_names_Willis BRONZE, Rochester, New York
My_names_Willis BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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No matter where you turn, everywhere and anywhere, the almighty Rock 'n Roll has influenced the intertwining combination of ideas from the hearts and minds of many. As many may or may not know, Rock 'n Roll is an influenced sound birthed from a well known style of music commonly known as the Blues. For a long time, Rock 'n Roll has brought us an upbeat, louder version of the Blues, developing with the influence of its listeners and participants. (Rock 'n Roll musicians.) But the entire point of this presentation is to discuss a particular unique style of music birthed by Rock 'n Roll, a style of music that has impacted many to pursue a style of life based entirely off its music' a style of music better known as Grunge.
Many look at Grunge as a dirty, disrespectful, not-give-a-care kind of lifestyle'which pretty much nails it on the spot! Grunge music developed around the late 1980's to the early 1990's by the all-time Grunge gods Nirvana, a band made up of the three founders, Kurt Cobain, (Guitar and Vocals) Krist Novoselic, (Bass Guitar) and Drummer David Grohl. (Now lead singer and guitarist of the 'Foo Fighters) Grunge was founded in Seattle, WA, giving Grunge its second name as the 'Seattle sound', and was almost instantly popular, not just for its raw, loud sound, but as a way of life all together. when Grunge came out as a different sound of Rock 'n Roll, it struck an instant popularity, that only grew when the man who represented the grunge community, Kurt Cobain, ended his life, leaving a legacy of not just his music, but the grunge lifestyle altogether. Grunge is still very alive and well, proven by the music still being released by todays Grunge bands, like Puddle of Mudd, the Stone Temple Pilots, the Goo Goo Dolls, Silverchair, and tons more'

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