Animals Should Always Live On... Always!

March 2, 2009
By SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
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My brother had always wanted either a siberien huskey or a german shepard, and last year, her got a siberien husky/great pironese mix. She was beautiful, thick long white fur, and bright blue eyes. We got her, and took her home. she immediately became his pride and joy. She was beautiful, and very playful. She was the first girl dog that my family had got after my girl dog, Bear, had to be put down almost a year earlier. She loved to be outside and just walk around in the woods (she, our goat Steven, and two of our other dogs, Sparkey and Bandit) loved to trail around in the woods for hours on end by themselves. She was never put on a leash, because we never had to take her anywhere besides the vet, and we could always carry her. So she didn't know any better. We had to keep her in a rather small 10-30 foot cage becuase she kept running away. Eventually, we put a bigger fence around the old fence, and then tore the old one down. It helped, because the new fenced in area was well over half an acre. She. as well as some of our other 13 dogs, lived out there, including my dog, Boog. They immediately befriended each other, always playing and running around, and play fighting. They lived outside, and came in when it rained and thundered, seeking comfort in each other and in me, my brother, and my sister. They would come in at least for 6 hours a day, and would sometimes sleep inside. They were a tag team, speant all of their time together. This went on for about a year after we got Boog, until one day when they had been inside for about 8 hours. My window, on the bottom floor which has no screen, was open. My friends drove over to my house (one of them just got her license) and called and said to come to my window-- which i had forgotten was open. I saw them standing there... they closed it most of the way, only about an inch or two of space was left between the window itself and the window sill... About an hour later, they left, 2 of them exiting through the window, the other one through the door. We hadn't noticed Azul and Boog were gone-- or the fact that the window had been open enough just enough for a dog their sized to fit through. Me, my dad, and my friend left for blockbuster, still unaware of the tragedy that was soon to come. On our way hoem, we saw a dog that looked like Azul lying in the road right next to a car, but we figured it wasn't her, it was the dog that looked like her that ran around the town. We realized after we got home that Boog and Azul were gone, and my daddy immediately went out and looked and it was her. There was good and bad news, Bad: it was her, good: she wasn't dead. That night Boog didn't come home. It was a saturday night. It turned out, Azul had a broken pelvis, but if she stayed off it for awhile, she would be fine. We didn't have the money for the surgery, but they said she would have been fine. She stayed in our kitchen for a week, and we took her out every 2 hours, and she was fine. Then one day, she crawled around the kitchen, urinating blood, straight blood. It turned out that she had also gotten internal bleeding, and it was very painful for her. We ended up having to put her down, to put her out of her misery. That was the friday after the accident. Boog came back the wednesday after the accident. It was so hard to mend a broken heart, even if it is just the loss of a dog. But its a dog that brought people peace, and hope, becuase she was so gental, so sweet, and yet so rowdy. She will always be in our hearts, especially my brothers.

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