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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I sit contentedly at my desk, tool box by my side.

I hold my pencil in my hand, as I read, write, and divide.

With two pig tails and no front teeth, the future is so bright.

I know that if I think real hard, my answers will be right.

The alphabet's above the board, 'cuz sometimes we forget.

A number line is on our desk, so there's no need to fret.

Now, it's finally play time, the whole class runs outside.

Dangling from the monkey bars, on the swings and slide.

Back in school for art class, we each put on our smock.

Later on in math, we learn to read a clock.

Coats and boots are in the hall, lunch boxes are there, too.

The girls are wearing friendship bracelets, in silver, red and blue.

The boys are wearing Velcro sneakers of Thundercats and He-Man,

So every one of them will run, as fast as he can.

Michael with his moonwalk, Madonna's beads and lace.

"We are the World" was sung, to make a better place.

At school, we watch a video, on atoms, fusion and fission.

At four o'clock we'd rather watch "You Can't Do That On Television."

Looking to a time ahead, we draw a picture on a page,

Of what we think we'll look like, at another age.

Now, I sit in Junior High, where nothing is the same.

We've met new people and made new friends, ever since we came.

Homerooms, lockers, schedules, carrying heavy books.

Not finding classrooms, not knowing where to look.

Having seven teachers, report cards sent through mail,

Being on a Team, with our favorite pal.

We wear our hair standing high, and we have to pin our pants.

And every Friday night, we go to the Kiwanis dance.

The skaters have their haircut, everyone has Skidz.

M.C. Hammer, Bust-A-Move, and don't forget New Kids.

A time of first kisses, nervously we wait.

With relationships that last a week, there's no time for a date.

Chapters 9 through 12, to an even bigger school we came.

Dances, proms and a pep rally, before the football game.

Writing notes in yearbooks, before the school year ends.

Making sure we leave, with memories of friends.

Sitting in this English class, at last I turn the page.

Chapter 12 is ending now, and I'm sitting on this stage.

Dressed alike, in gown, cap and tassel, I think about these 13 years,

It was worth the hassle.

Remembering everything, the good time and the bad.

Wishing we had done some things that we never had.

It's time to leave it all behind, the school life that we know.

We all must go our separate ways, leaving friend and foe.

Family and friends proudly watch, joyous we've achieved.

As tears run down our smiling faces, knowing we must leave.

So when you have your special moment, proudly on that stage,

Remember you're beginning another chapter, on a brand new page!

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i love this so much!


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