February 26, 2009
By Daniel Rodriguez BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Wisconsin
Daniel Rodriguez BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Wisconsin
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What is reality? The definition of reality varies from person to person. But that only throws me to more suspicion. Are feelings made up? They are just electric signals according to science. Then how come they can't be ignored? Stop the electric signals being transferred. Wouldn't it be better if we couldn't have feelings for someone? We would feel less pain. No hate or love. We would have no happiness or sadness. Depression would no longer be a problem. But this isn't reality. There is no such thing. There will always be questions. Vibrations in the air. Everything will be different. Not everything can be seen or touched. I want the truth but then I contradict myself. I want is a feeling and it doesn't exist. What I see right now in front of me is not true. Everything is different with the different minds in the world. How do we know that other people have a different perspective on reality? How do we not know that what we see is the same as what others see? Yes we can point at colors and have the same answer. But what if I think green is purple and you reading this right now may see green as red. What if this jumble of letters is different to different people? There is no proof that anything that we see is 'reality.' People have different views on music. This I believe that we hear things differently. Some might transfer the words different and sounds completely different. Then we are taught what we say is the right thing. But when introduced to a language we never heard before we think of it as wrong but then when we learn the sounds we hear we get the 'reality' perception. Then the views of right or wrong. How does one determine them through reasoning and reality? When one does something it FEELS so right. So to them it is right. But then the outsiders find wrong. But to that single person the 'reality' is that it is right. Then we are told something and we believe that it is wrong we are told it is right. But to that person's 'reality' it is wrong. Then when I was in the hospital I was told that wrong was not wrong; right is not right; it is all just is. But that is not how are brain perceives it. It determines right and wrong by what it pleases. Then there are thoughts that rush through are heads that we have no idea where they came from. We are told the thoughts might be possible or impossible. But when I hear this I think that it is only in their 'reality.' People have always thought that things where impossible and they haven't been. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of them. He knew that people's 'reality' could be changed. Change the impossible to the possible in other's 'reality.' Now is this so hard to accept? Do you think I am crazy? Well that is your 'reality' not mine. Then they say the first sign of insanity is denial. Maybe that is because their 'reality' is not crazy. Maybe what they see and hear is part of their 'reality.' Who are we to deny them what their perception of 'reality' is? Through these observations I have concluded my own definition of reality. A person's chemical and electrical signals telling them what they see, do, smell, taste, hear, and touch. I can't help but think we are the one's that are crazy.

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