My Dog Akky

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

He was riding in his cage on the ship heading to America. He was just a little puppy back then and couldn't remember much. He does remember the day he saved his family and their sheep.

He was at the kennel and waiting for a family to pick him up. All his friends had gotten picked up already. The day was winding down. With little hope left a young farmer's boy came and got him.
'This akbash dog is the cutest guard dog I have ever laid eyes on.', he told the kennel owner.(Direct characterization)

He took him home to his dad and were trying to find his name.

' Lets call him pork chop because of his legs, they're so big just like pork chops' said dad(humor)

'No dad I don't have to name what you want him to be. He is Akbash dog. I want to call him Akky'!(character speak)

Then it was settled, he was going to be called Akky.

They gave the dog a job to guard the sheep. This would be easy for him since he was bred for guarding packs of animals. He could easily be told apart from the sheep since he was 31 inches tall. It made him one of the tallest guard dogs. The owners didn't have to worry about him dying early because he should live for 10-11 yrs. He was 120 pounds of pure guard dog. He would defend his flock of sheep from hungry wolves. The Akbash dog hair is soft silk(metaphor).

It was his first day guarding the sheep. He walked them around in their normal walk. Then he heard something. It was a wolf . The wolf saw him and walked away. (character in action) Akky just walked the sheep away.

When he got home his master had given him his favorite food. Kibbles and beef! He slowly enjoyed every bite. Tasting the beef he loved. Followed by the kibbles. He slowly ate it and then begged for seconds. His master gave him more and then he was full and couldn't wait for his next duty.(expanded moment)

The next couple of weeks were boring and there were no sign of wolves near.

'Man were are the wolves? I don't mind watching the sheep but I would like some kinda of fight with a wolf. Thats what I was breed for'.(charters inner thoughts)

When he got back home ever one was still asleep. Then his master told him when the clock was at 6:00 to start barking to wake them up. Bark, Bark which meant yes sir in the dogs way.

'Great thanks for doing an extra job'.(how others react to character)

The next day Akky was sick. He was so hot ,cramped and his nose was as stuffy as a car in water. He was bored because he couldn't run. He felt as lazy as a gallon of Jello. He was so sick his fur went from white to a more paler color.(figurative language)
He was sick for the next 3 days. But then he was ready to do his job. He got the sheep and walked them. He was out on nice breezy plain watching his sheep.(environment of character) The sheep were walking like clumsy,crazy,cats,chasing,mice.(alliteration) Just then he saw a pack of wolves. They were in the forest.
Akky barked at the wolves telling them to back off this was his ground and he wouldn't let some wolves take it. The wolves just glared at him, telling him you wait and see what will happen.

When he got back home he got his food and went to his bed. In his bed he wondered what are those wolves going to do to me and sheep next time I go out?

'They out number me that's for sure. I just must be ready for the next time I run into them.'

He gathered the sheep up getting ready for their daily walk. The sheep had gotten use to it and Akky barely had to get them in line. They started off heading to the river so they could drink and eat the grass. When they got there something was waiting for them. Who could have it been?
Chapter Two
The wolves charge

It was the wolves. They had waited for him to come so they could ambush him. They attacked. The wolves started to howl(onomatopoeic word) at him. He quickly dodged and tackled the first wolf that had so clumsy charged at him. Then the other two wolves charged. Akky jumped to the side and missed the first. Then the second one hit him when he was in the air. He slowly got up and tackled the one that had hit him. The other one charged again and tried to bite him. He missed and ran into a nearby tree. Now there was the pack leader wolf and his two other wolves. The leader told him not to try anything dumb. He told the other wolves to go and raid the house.

'No barked Akky, I will never let you hurt my family.'

'Too late,' growled the leader, 'I never stop what I started.'

Then Akky charged at the leader. The other two wolves had already gone to the house. The leader dodged and then ran into the woods. To Akky the trees had seemed to be telling him that the leader was right behind him.(Personification) Akky quickly turned and moved out of the way. Akky bit the leader in the leg and he whimpered off. His look said it all, 'Akky you have beaten me I will never bother you again.'

After that he ran to his house to stop the two wolves that had tried to get his family. When he got there he found the wolves on the ground. Apparently his family could take a couple of clumsy wolves. The family was happy that Akky hadn't been hurt.

After that the wolves had left Akky alone. He spent the rest of his life just watching the sheep. He played with his master, ate his Kibbles and beef. He was the happiest akbash dog alive. This was the story how he saved the sheep and his family.

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