February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

You just got your drivers license, and you are so exited to show up at the party in you new car! You did not want to be late; if you were you would look un-cool. There is just one more stoplight before you hit the freeway. You approach the light, but it is yellow. You speed up to try to pass it, but it turns red before you get there and your car is going full speed ahead. The next thing you know, your car is being crush on the side, by the other car that did not see you running the red light. Looks like you are not going to that party now!

Driving is one of the most deadly things, that you could do every day. Don't let that stop you from it though. If you just follow the laws, keep your eyes open and off you cell phone, things will be fine. I'm going to make this clear, always were you seat belt! It is one of the many safe things about a car. Another obvious way to stay safe it to stay off of you cell phone. If it is an important call, it is okay of you to ask them to say something again, if you missed it because you are busy driving.

If you are ever unfortunate to get in a crash, even if it was not your fault still get out your cell phone and call 911. Tell them your location and what happened. It would be polite to see if the other person is okay, if any one is hurt be sure to report that too. If you don't really want to talk to the other person, then you could make phone calls to you friends and families, telling them you are okay. When the police get there tell them every thing that happened, and if it was your fault make sure you fess up!

Waiting for your 16th birthday to start driving could be hard, but when you are 15 you can get you permit. This means that you can drive, but only under adult super vision.
To get you permit you have to take a test in high school, but that's not all, you have to pass it too! When you pass it, you are given a permit. You are only allowed a number of hours before you have to go home, and park your can for the night. Next you get an intermediate license. Guess what, no more super vision! There are some rules you have to follow though. You have a curfew, and there is no cell phone. Your not allowed to have a lot of people in the car with you, so don't give the whole student body a ride to school!
61% of teen drivers say they would speed up to run a red light.
47% of teen drivers say passengers distract them.
If you are the next one to answer one of these questions, make sure you answer the safe way, and mean it! There is nothing more stressful to an adult driver than a teen driver but, show them that you are an adult. Remember this, if you break the law your license could get taken from the police, and you car could get taken away from your parents!

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