January 30, 2009
By Isaac Sizemore BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Isaac Sizemore BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I love cars. They have high speed pursuits , colored lights red, white and blue. They also have cool looking hoods and sweat mirrors. Then you are stopped at a red light it turns green, you start to go then some person speeding to make the light. You look back there's a cop car all banged up I drove over there to check it out and maker sure he was ok but he was dead so I called 911 to send an ambulance.
Cars are so cool you can turn a car into a car off a video game if you have the money. Cars with engines that have 600 horse power and have wheelie bars in the back of the car. A stereo in the trunk with 400 volts. With cars the side walks would be full of people.
I decided to go to my uncle's house for a wile to see what he was doing.
He wasn't doing much so I went home. On my way home there was a guy stopped at the light, he wanted to race, I said ok. When the light turns green we go its a quarter mile to the next light. We went. I beat him by two car lengths. He got really mad and I said sorry that's the name of the game. Then I went home.

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