January 28, 2009
By TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
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~~ LIfe may be categorized in several titles depending upon the stage at which life is questioned. A beggar, struggling may call life a hell-laiden jigsaw puzzle that is missing the most crucial pieces, decorated with hate, and lies. But also, exhibiting choices; suffer and live, or escape and perish. Perish for this life being lived is the know, the commonplace for the mind and body to work together in harmony, for in such squalid conditions, they are as one. Whereas the royalty, though in the same universe, is in a completely different dimension. Such a person would call life idyllic and easy. Although, only calling it this because the hands of that mind are smooth, uncalloused in anywayby hardship or dilemma. As are the hands of the soul-incasing body. Again, the idyllistic lifestyle created by others is the usual agenda. If presented with ultimatums as; suffer and perish or escape and live, the royalty places a false facade unto themselves, denying any such choice and fliwing on carelessly through their idyllic and easy existence. Most anyone would agree the norm of life is satisfactory. Yes, that is true for those not faced with daily struggles, as the beggar is. This man would strive for a better life, minimally perhaps, but an enhancement nonetheless. This upgrade is purely an act of surviving and even thriving in the world. The world now laced with so many contradictions to even the most frugal man. While, a person of royalty might want and even be granted a more lavish life, but this is out of greed, not self-preservation. More indulgences, increased decadence cannot be placed among a full stomach, or a place to sleep. Polar opposites they are. the basics of life versus increasing one's already abundant wealth, no comparison when it comes to improving one's existence.
Life is a struggle, but a struggle worth enduring. The beggar must be idolized for his subconscious philosophy; suffer, yes, but he shall live. While the royal will escape hardship, perhaps that is inevitable, but will perish without a doubt.

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on Mar. 30 2009 at 4:46 pm
TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
9 articles 4 photos 4 comments
hey all, sorry for the many grammar mistakes. i usually proofread but i was in a hurry and my computer was being unruly.. as always. anyway thanks for reading and commenting if you do.. peace.

on Mar. 15 2009 at 12:55 pm
TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
9 articles 4 photos 4 comments
i had fun writing this, i was insanely bored babysitting, and thinking about good and bad (crazy i know) and beggars and princes started walzting around in my head. so i grabbed a scrap of paper and a pen with practically no ink, and wrote. writing is weird

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