Inauguration Hour

January 24, 2009
By AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
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What a day, sitting in a plastic chair, leaning on an artifical talk. Writing on college ruled paper about the greatest news since Martin Luther king. Barack Obama, America's newest president as of this very second, the inauguration, the day we've all been waiting for. What am I thinking, you ask? Honestly, who is out there waiting to pull the trigger, BOOM! Our new president gone jsut like that. the thought scares me, why are people so stupid. You'd kill a man, with a family, a future, the life you always wanted. And why? Because you don't believe in his political views. Obama's views apparently are just like the political views of the people who voted for him. If you kill obama, you might as well kill over 60% of the registered voters. *SIGH* With that off my chest, we can move on: I can't help but feel helpless. As if I'm missing out on all the fun. Why me? I wish I was there, and then when it was all over, all the screaming and hollering, I'd be happy instead of grouchy. I'd let the migraine throb, thinking that only a festivity such as an inauguration, could feel so bad, and yet bring so much joy.
This is killing me, my teacher is droning on, while Obama is probably giving his magnificent speech. But I have something for my talkative teacher, I'll just pretend I'm there, and completely zone her and everybody else out.

Goodbye now.

The author's comments:
no offense to my teacher.

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