Ocean of Tears

January 21, 2009
By Idaly Soto, Aurora, CO

Millions of families are being separated at this very moment. All this happening why? Maybe I’m missing something, but doesn’t the Declaration of Independence state that “all men are created equal”.

I’ve seen men struggling and straining themselves to get a job. They cannot get the job they need because they were not born here. They come here because they hear that in the USA there are better opportunities. It is true that here we have better chances, more than anywhere else and we should let others get those same opportunities. We do not share those chances, though; instead we place borders to keep those less fortunate out.

When I came here I was surprised…very surprised that, well compared to Mexico the streets were not piled with trash here. Life (as many say) is like an onion because life has many different layers; even some that can make you cry all your guts out. Borders block the passage from going into new layers and there are visual and non-visual borders. My family had to fight a blind warfare for success while trying to come here to the USA.

After all land belongs to everyone.

A king once led his people to freedom after being enslaved. WE should all do the same to gain acceptance to this “New World”. My parents help those who are in jail for no particular thing; except the truth that they were not born here. There have been cases in which a mother of three children has no longer the support of her husband. Imagine if this were happening to you, what would you do? A mother with three children who does not have a job to feed her children, how terrible the circumstance can turn out to be. Imagine all those “oceans of tears” created by people who have been separated by each other. Only those who come to destroy our nation should be kept out. Those who come in peace should be allowed in here. Days of separation are gloomy and can only lighten up “with a spoon full of sugar”.

Millions of people out there may have knowledge we might not know so we need to join together and share knowledge, culture, and anything else that can make us better. If only people knew how ridiculous it is to separate two different groups of people. Separating people is like breaking a book in half.

Some say that Mexicans are bad, but we are the same as anyone else except that we have different cultures. Others say that Americans are lazy which is a total lie because not every American is lazy; some may be but not all. You cannot judge someone just like that; you have to be correct in the material that you judge the other person in.

Someday all these discriminations will disappear forever and ever and when that does happen I and many other people will have peace at last. If people can understand that this situation is horrible than they may as well comprehend that being united is better than being loose.

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I wrote about immagration because

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