I Remember Summer MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I remember those hot humid days that were followed by those hot humid nights. All the windows open in the house and the gentle humming of the fans on high speed buzzing in my ear. The outside thermometer reads 85 degrees, even though the news said it would only reach 80.

I remember the days. Long and fun. Hanging out with my friends, goofing off and feeling free. Even though we did nothing, it was still fun to spend time with them.

I remember staying at home listening to the radio or watching television. I would walk to the refrigerator and pour myself a glass of Kool-Aid. The coldness filled my stomach as I felt it running down, down, slowly quenching my thirst.

I remember those carefree days at the lake. Floating on my back, having not a care in the world. The children swam across, splashing with every stroke they made. I did not mind it though, I just smiled.

I remember going off the diving board at the Westbrook Pool. I remember the slippery wet feel of the board. As I jumped up and down, up and down, I released my feet, creating a loud "crank" sound. For a moment I was airborne, the adrenaline rushing through my body, but then I hit the water with a large splash.

I remember surfacing and climbing up the ladder. I made my way back to the line of people. The small children in line were shaking. Their teeth were chattering and arms were hugging themselves, yet they still had a look of excitement on their wet, sunburned faces.

After getting my fill of the diving board, I remember making my way back to my towel. The hot pavement burned my feet. Each step I took was like stepping on a hot coal. I put my sunglasses on and felt the sun warm up my body which contained many goose bumps.

I remember lying on the hammock in my backyard. The warm summer breeze blew my hair back. I sighed from relaxation. Looking up into the clear blue sky, I felt stress free, probably because I was out of school and had no worries.

I also remember going camping with my family. The earthy smell of campfires filled my lungs as I threw a log in the fire. The fire sparked up, as if it were angry at me for throwing something in it. The sound of a zipper from the outside of a tent made me realize that even though it was only seven o'clock, many people were turning in for bed. When I looked up in the sky, I saw many brilliant colors penetrating as the sun slowly set.

I remember that sad day summer ended. It came too soon. As I turned on the television, I faded out and all I heard in the commercials were the words "back to school." I went to bed early for tomorrow was the first day of school. As I shut off the gentle humming of the fan, I climbed into bed and rifted off to sleep, eventually dreaming of the unforgettable summer I had had. c

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i love this so much!


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