Animal Abandonment

January 15, 2009
By Angela Hudson, Aurora, CO

Why would you want town a dog or any pet for that matter if you had to look into its eyes everyday and see that it is being abused? As a pet owner and lover myself I know the limitations and responsibilities to pet owner ship and it outrages me when people buy a pet and they know nothing about it. Why would you want to own a pet if all you are going to do is neglect it? Thousands of animals a year are affected by cruelty that has been inflicted upon them by their “pet owners”. How would you appreciated it if someone tied you up to a tree or left you in a cage and never fed or paid any attention to you? How would you survive?

A lot of people just buy pets because their face is just so incredibly cute when they don’t even have a clue of how to take care of the animal. If you don’t have the time, love, or patience to be with an animal don’t own one. There are millions of pet lovers that would love the pet that you're keeping locked in that cage you have it in. Animals are like kids, they need love, attention, and food in order to survive.

In a way animals are like humans. They need training when they are young so that in the future when they are older they know how to behave themselves so they won’t get into any trouble. In a lot of cases, animal abandonment takes place when the animal is to wild or it can’t be tamed. That problem comes from that lack of time that you had spent with the animal so they don’t know any better. So how do some people handle this problem, they tie the animal up to a tree or leave it in a cage so that it can’t do anything for itself. Or worst of all, they dump it out on the street to fend for itself. A lot of animals die because they live out on the streets and they catch diseases, get hit by cars, or even freeze to death. Would you want that to be your fate? Why would you want that for an animal?

Some animals are meant to be wild that’s where they live. The animals that you buy and adopt are meant to be sheltered and loved and pampered. They don’t know how to fend for themselves out on the streets so don’t put them there. An average life span for a cat that has been abandoned is less then 2 years. Why would you want that cat to only live for 2 years when it can be a life long friend for 16 or more years of your life?

So when you’re walking through the mall and you spot a cute, loving little animal looking at you, think twice before you adopt that pet. Think of all the responsibilities that pet ownership entails so that your prepared for what you are about to do. Do not let that pet become part of the percentage of the rising numbers that console animal abandonment.

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on Apr. 12 2009 at 6:58 am
jsanmiguel BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Have you seen Marley and Me?

It's such a great movie.

Anyways, good job and keep writing about pets! :)

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