Whale Blubber

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a Wednesday when our strict teacher with the khaki pants, nice button up shirt, Mr. Rood was teaching science.

“Okay class. Whales have a lot of fat. Their fat is called blubber!” Mr. Rood said with excitement.

It was such a hot, stuffy day and I had the worst head ache, it was definitely the day for Mr. Rood to put excitement into my week. The word ‘Blubber’ triggered a gun off in my mind as I repeated, “Whale fat means blubber.” Wyatt sat right beside me.

“Pssstt! Wyatt!” I whispered a little to loudly. Right as he looked over Mr. Rood did too.

“Miss. Rachel, do you have something to tell the class?” He asked. A rush of butterflies had a race through my stomach as I stood up at my desk.

“Um, sure. I was going to tell Wyatt that I have blubber too!” I said with an uneasy smile unsure if Mr. Rood would be very happy. Everyone broke out in laughter, even Mr. Rood.

“Oh Rachel, no human being has blubber, that’s called fat and you aren’t fat.” Mr. Rood said with partial laughs in-between.

“Oh, sorry.” I said with a huge smile, reviling the empty space in-between my teeth from losing a tooth a week ago.

“Okay class; let’s go on with some more intrusting facts about whales, like whale blubber, that you all need to know. Rachel, you just made my day.” Mr. Rood said while winking at me. I guess I made my day too, if that’s even possible! After school, I went home and told my mom about all of my excitement.

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