Sadie May

January 15, 2009
By spencer shadwell, Shelbyville, IL

As I ran in my grandmas house yelling in excitement, “where’s Sadie at?” It was around six seven O’clock on a fall chilly day.

My grandma said, she’s the littlie runt over in the corner laying on the green grandpa’s sleeping on.

I ran over their along with my sister to see her. Man she was all a bit of a runt, she was tiny but awesome. She could fit in my palm of my hand and also my sister’s palm.

I can’t wait to go and see Sadie. “When is grandma going to get her?” My mom replied by saying “I’m not sure she said she would call us when she had got her.”
Ring. Ring. Telephone as I yelled going to answer the phone. It was Grandma Judy calling to tell us she had got Sadie and that we could come up and see her. “Mom! Mom!” I hollered. “Grandma finally got Sadie we can go and see her now.”
“Ok then get your sister and your coat and shoes on.” Mom said.
“Ok, Erica lets go see Sadie.” I replied.
“Ok!” my sister said.

As we were on are way up to my grandma’s house we had to start the Green bean truck up and let it get warmed up. Then finally we were on are way after we got are shoes and coats on. When we got their I opened the door of are truck and ran in side yelling

Where is she?” I said.

Over there by grandpa’s feet.” Then Came sister and she also rushed over to see her saying “Au she’s so cute.” I replied “

I know she’s my best friend already.”

“Wow! Look how little she is.” I said.

“I know she looks like a gray fluffy ball. “My sister replied.
“Man her hair is very soft and silk,” as I said when I was petting her on her back.
My grandma replied with, “Do you want to know why?”

“Yes” I replied.

“I used this shampoo called oatmeal soap it’s for dogs, it gets rid of the flees and makes them and their hair smell and fell soft and nice.”
The thoughts going threw my mind where is she going to be big or small, what unique features was she going to have. Well she was tiny at the time. Her unique features were she liked to play ball, she farted a lot, and she also was a good barker. That was the first time I had ever saw her.

It was my sister, my mom, my grandma, me, and of course my dog Sadie May. We were all at my grandma’s house. To visit and also see Sadie. It was a fall day chilly to be exact. My grandma had a pot of coffee on, it was Folgers decaf, and Sadie was laying in one of the corners on the green soft carpet in her living room by a vent were the warm air was coming out of. When we got to her house it was one of my happiest moment’s ever, the time I saw Sadie for the first time in my life.

“Man was she little and gray or what?” that was my memory of seeing Sadie for the first time.

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