A little Something*

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

This is a little inspiration.For those who feel as if things can never go right,and they need a smile,or just something to cheer them up.This is meant to let everyone know that it is always good to have some down time,to always have some time when its just about YOU.Its fine to care for other people,and the well-being of those you care about,but it is always necesscary to remember at the end of the day who should be a major priority.This is meant to let you,whoever is reading,that even though you may feel as if nothings going right,and everythings going wrong,things WILL get better.No matter what is is.It may be hard to actually believe it,to actually want to be optimistic and think positively.But it works.Believe me,im a teenager too,i have been through a lot just like many others. I have seen a lot of things,that i would never want to see,i have heard things,that I'd never repeat,and i have felt things that i never want to feel again.Maybe i haven't been through as much as you,or someone you know,but what i do know is that no matter what i did/do go through,i TRY my best to always remember that things will..Yes they WILL Get better.Life is far from easy,no doubt but if you try to keep your head up and a smile on your face,then things WILL get better.When you feel like you cant handle everything that is being thrown at you,then just turn on your favorite song and try to relax,get some down time,Or go sit down and eat your favorite snack.Me,i just sit down on my bed and listen to jazz music.Ha,it may sound corny but it works.Or just have a good cry to let it all out,then theres always having a good talk with somebody you feel comfortable talking with.That works also.Just a little inspiration for those who are feeling a bit down..Just remember to keep your head up,and your outlook positive.*

The author's comments:
Im a 16 year old girl,who always tries to smile no matter what,and who loves a good laugh..I love to write,and i live for the moments,and the good things that come out of life.Im far from perfect,but I live life while learning.

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