I want More Money!NOT!!

January 14, 2009
What do greedy people want? Money, fame, family, home, love, or just happiness? Oh, there’s a few. Money, happiness, from money, and fame for money. Don’t you think so? What else do greedy people do? Oh; I don’t know, maybe have a big business to get more money, not give any money away, and they are mostly selfish and mean self- centered people. Well that’s what I think. People that are totally greedy will not lend any money away, if so, the people got to pay it back, and soon. The only thing that they care about is their well being. If you won’t believe me, I got a first witness that was there first hand. Poor Crachet had to go through all that Mr. Scrooge had, and had a low pay. He barely had enough money to buy food for one person, and he had a family of about five. That’s just horrible. In the end, Scrooge got nicer, well, in one night, and he then figured out what it means to be nice. Only some people would change. Not many. Even Scrooge’s nephew’s wife thought that he was good for nothing and down right mean and greedy. Oh, and before I forget, they don’t really care about the world or nature, or our environment. Let’s take a look or read, shall we.

BANG!!! CRASH!!!BOOM!!! Know that’s what you hear when they are destroying animal’s homes to make their business. You also hear the sounds of machines, the cries of the animals; also, well, it may sound like a hippy, but hear it goes. You can hear the cry of the earth, and the moans of the polluted sky, and the wind ready to cry for Mother Nature, to cry with all of her heart. The worst thing is that they don’t care for dying people and people in poverty. They only care for their weal and their well being and their looks, and their hair, and other stuff that people in poverty would care. They would care for their families, and their children, and their family’s health, before theirs. What differences do you see there? Well, I see a lot. They destroy places that they buy.
Their whole life revolves around money.
Is money peace?
Is money love?
Is money life?
Does money rule the world?
It looks like it for them. They don’t want to love, unless they are equally beautiful, equally fit and so that pretty much is it.

Money, family? Money, family? Money, family? Money!!!!!!!!!! Would you want money over anything? Would you want to give up everything in life for money? Love, family, trust, faith, and hope? For money.
I know I wouldn’t.

Money can make a man or women do some things their not proud of. Some would sometimes kill for money. They would go and spend it on drugs and more, but some just want to con people out of their money and get as much money as they can. People, can do stuff that would maybe unimaginable, only for fame and glory. Some things happen by mistake, or they are just doing the right thing. That’s all. I heard of a man that pulled out a shark that was over 200 pounds to save a kid, when the kid wasn’t even his. He dragged both shark and child, out of the water, and pried the shark’s mouth open with his bare hands, and then he tossed the shark over 100 feet. Only to save a child that wasn’t his. Other people like General Chey Hung Hi; he made the youngest martial arts known to man. He only did it to help his country, and by doing so, he restored Koreas history, because it was said that it was burned down, so, he stuck with the history that he remembered, which was most and put it into the forms. All of the forms names are the names of famous people or famous events that happened in Korea. Those people didn’t do it for fame; they did it because someone was in danger, or to help their country. Like I said, money is cruel and can be dangerous. When the California gold rush was going on, people would be fighting over spots. They would sometimes kill. That would be when they didn’t move their spot and they said the next day that they moved the spot so they can get more gold for them, which was most of the time not true. YOU SEE WHAT MONEY CAN DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME PEOPLE ARE WAAAAYYYYYYYYYY TOO GREEDY!!!! Ok, sorry about that. Got carried away, but it is true. I would never want to be like that.

All that, -- well, another thing that I would say is that money is like a person. A person with mental disabilities. It likes to see people suffer. To see them kill for it. To see them fail for it. Money is worth a lot, a ton. In people’s minds. What is money really worth? Is it only in the mind? I don’t get it. How do we know what’s something is worth? And how do we know what that is worth? It’s a simple question. What is something worth and then what is the money worth. Isn’t it? If you really think about it, why did we really make money? Why did we make it so it’s worth something? They say that everything has an explanation. Why not this one?

So I say again:
What is money really worth?
What can we gain from it?
What do we need from it?
What can it prove to us?
What can it improve in our lives?

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