January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a little town named “Barks”. In that little town there were lot of families that did not care about who dressed better, or who’s richer and stuff like that except for the Boomland’s, they were rich and always worried about how they looked and what they wear and from what store. Nobody from that town like them except for another family, they were like the second rich ones in that little town. The Boomlan’s were going to buy a dog but they didn’t know if that would be safe, because they thought that they had too much enemy’s for how “rich” they were, but that wasn’t true at all, so finally they decided to buy ANNIE, she was really small and cute with long ears and beautiful eyes. Annie always felt so lucky to have those owners because she could have everything she want, always on classes for swimming and more fun activities because she was a very good and fast swimmer. She won a lot of prizes and things like that. Mrs. Boomland was very proud of her doggy and for every little competition she won with her effort. But there was a problem with Annie, she didn’t believe in LOVE so she was always concentrate in other things just because she used to like one dog but he got married with another big dog that was always worried about food, she was kid of fat obviously. One day Annie woke up very happy because she knew that she was going to win the state championship very easily. Then when Annie and all the family got there, she saw this super cute dog in backstage, she thought that he was cute, clean and everything Annie would like in a dog. Annie went all the way where he was and asked his name “hey, what is your name?” he got all surprised of her beauty, “hey there, my name is JP, what is your cutie?” he said in a flirt way, and obviously he would try whatever to get to know her better, then Annie answered “ oh thank you for the cutie word, My name is Annie”. she was blushing like hardcore and trying to be friendly with him making a lot of conversation so he wouldn’t get bored. There was a big chemistry between them, a lot of attraction, but then it was time to compete each other, and for the first time in Annie’s life the stress feeling and all that stuff was distracting her a lot, she was extremely nervous, but the reason was JP she thought, what if I fall or how do I look swimming, there were a lot of questions in side of her. It was time to jump to the pool, and of course she was winning but later, she saw this super fast dog and of course she couldn’t recognize who it was, for the third round Annie was winning, for the fourth Annie and the other dog were tied and then it was time for the last round, oh my goodness it was crazy how they started to swim without control, but at the end the winner was the other dog, when the dog got out of the pool, Annie saw that it was JP, she got so mad with herself and with him, but still he dedicated the prize to Annie, so now it was time to go home, JP walked all the way to Annie, but she was so mad that she just left without saying bye, or congratulations or at least see you later, she walked out without a word. JP got all disappointed about that but still he wanted to be friend with Annie. Days passed and Annie miss him a lot, and she wanted to know more about him, till one day that Annie was outside chilling with her friends, she saw him very far away but she didn’t care how far it was, she still called him “ JP, right here, come here” and bam JP started to run extremely fast like if someone wanted to kill him or something, he was very excited to hear Annie’s voice.
When JP got there, Annie asked him “ what are you doing in the streets without your owner?” he put a weir face “oh well, because I don’t have a house or an owner like you Annie.” Annie got so confused for a moment then she said “so how did you compete last week?”, “ oh that’s easy to answer Annie, the owner of the pizza place took me to compete last week, because they needed the money to keep the restaurant safe , and I wanted to help them, just because of the simple fact that they always give me food whenever they can.” then Annie understood everything, but also she got a little sad because she knew that her owners Mr.

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