Practice Time MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My hands on the keys,

I felt a light breeze.

The window beside the piano was open. I could hear kids screaming, cars roaring

past the house, motorcycles starting up, basketballs bouncing on the pavement,

trees rustling in the wind, and planes soaring through the sky overhead. Getting

up from my seat, I quickly closed the window.

As I started my first scale,

my kid sister began to wail.

I jumped up, ran to her crib, picked her up, and grabbed her bottle. Rocking her

gently, I tried soothing her back to sleep, but it was of no use. She screamed

even louder until she grew too tired to even open her mouth. When she finally

fell asleep, I hastily laid her back in her crib and hurried to the piano.

A Bach melody filled the air,

but then I had a frightful scare.

"Boo!" my brother yelled as he jumped out from behind the couch. I screamed

while he laughed and hopped around the room. Banging on the piano keys he

created a noise like a destructive earthquake. "Stop!" I screamed. "Go outside

and play with your friends." I was surprised he gave up so easily, but he quickly

ran out the door and across the street.

Once more, I opened the book,

just as the phone rang off the hook.

"I'm coming!" I said to no one in particular. My best friend needed a tutoring

session in math which I knew I couldn't avoid. I rushed as fast as I could, hoping

she could keep up with me. I had a feeling I was going 'round in circles, but I got

through the lesson and said I would call back later. I hung up the phone and

headed back to the piano bench. Hours had gone by, and I had barely played a

full song.

Loudly, the grandfather clock struck ten.

"Oh no!" I cried. "Bedtime again?"

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i love this so much!


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