Clockwork Against My Mirror

January 9, 2009
By Brittany Warren, Royalston, MA

Standing in front of the mirror at five minutes until midnight, I stare into myself through its perfect body. I move my hand up to slightly wipe away the light blanket of dust which covers the parts of my face I cannot see. The mirror's glass skin is cool to the touch, and tough, like nothing can make it shatter; not even the hard, nagging uncertainty of the new year which lies ahead. I imagine what life would be like...if we only saw ourselves through the opposition of a mirror once a year.

What would happen...if we had only one chance to look at ourselves, attempt to change our flaws, to see ourselves truly unkempt? Would we turn ourselves, our skin inside out? Refresh, renew and smooth ourselves over? See ourselves dirty or see ourselves clean? Would we all dwell on those things which we cannot change? This is my chance to find out...before the grandfather clock against the wall behind me hemorrhages time which will soon pour from the clock's powerful, wooden frame. I continue standing for the last five minutes and review the events of this past year, playing back in my mind all which has happened to me and make a decision about what I'm going to do. Staring into my own eyes harder now, as the hands of time ready themselves to close in on me, I decide that I can no longer fix my wrongs or brag about my successes; so I decide to just...forget. The clock chimes so loud, its voice pulsates through the floor as the clock strikes twelve. Wiping away my old thoughts with the rest of the dust now, I welcome my entire reflection to the new year.

The author's comments:
Hi there! Here's a little information about myself: I am an aspiring writer. This wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment career choice, but a life-long yearning of mine. I hope to share my voice with the world very soon!! Here's a little info-snack about my piece: I wrote this piece to reflect upon an ultimate thought. We rely strongly on mirrors for vanity. How would we get along if a mirror showed us not only who we are physically, but really reached inside us to expose much more? What if this wasn't an every day or every hour display, but instead a once-yearly visual? How difficult would it be to review ourselves with one intense stare into our own eyes through a mirror with only five minutes left to the year? How, if at all, would you choose to see yourself?

Thank you for allowing me to share!! I hope my work was enjoyed.

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The Comedian said...
on Mar. 21 2009 at 1:37 am
Good job, Britt-Britt! This is very well written! (This is your best buddy, by the way. *wink* *wink*


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