The Horse's Point of View

January 6, 2009
By Samantha Welch, Howell, MI

Yah sure humans are great. Sure they have opposable thumbs to build really big buildings with and fill our buckets with that yummy sweet feed, but they are also evil. They use their abilities to build their stupid fences that prevent me from getting to the luscious green grass on the other side. Not only that but they put lead heavy metal shoes on us too. I don’t know about the others but I hate wearing shoes. I don’t see the reason for them and also I don’t care if humans wear shoes at least theirs aren’t nailed into their feet. My Ferrier is mean sometimes to, when I’m bad instead of ignoring my tantrum he try’s to scare me by hitting me… this just makes things worse. Samantha gets really mad at him for it because of last time a ripped the rope out of her hand and ran off. She was hysteric. I didn’t go far because I know she can run fast. Faster than I thought though. When I realized she was chasing me I stopped and gave her a hard look. She wasn’t mean to me for because she was catching her breath. She has really bad asthma. She slow walked me back to finish our appointment.
And you know what else irritates me really bad is when they lunge us in a stupid little circle and make us jog for ever. How about I put a short little rope on a human and have them jog in a circles, yah I bet they wouldn’t like that. But I’m not going to lie I really hate one thing more than all the others. The Bit my god if you want to talk about torcher a stick a piece of ice metal in your mouth and have some one heave on it. I guess it helps them control us when we’re out of control but it’s a pain.
Not every thing is bad about humans though. I mean my human Samantha always brings me snacks after she goes riding. Apples are my favorite and she knows it. I really don’t hate riding either being able to get out and run in an open field is the funniest thing we get to do. Shelly’s not to bad either she’s the one who brings me my food every day. When it rains really badly or the snow is up to my knee which is a lot she brings me into the barn. But I really love Samantha. When she comes to the barn she always hugs me and I for sure know it’s her. She also never uses spurs which my previous human did. I like to tease her by pushing her over with my nose or pulling on her hair when she’s not expecting it. I love to rest my mussel on her head and smell her hair. I really hate it when she leaves I always watch as she drives away in her car.

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